• Developed for the Department of Modern Languages "Emergencies"
    Software: Illustrator
    Style: Poster
    Features: Visions on the role of the humanities in an increasingly technocratic society

  • "Personal Projects"
    Software: Illustrator
    Style: Poster
    Features: Celebrating the art of expression through music and narratives

  • Developed for the "City of st. Thomas"
    Software: Photoshop
    Style: Flyer
    Features: St. Thomas working to bring families together

  • Developed for "AET"
    Software: Illustrator & Photoshop
    Style: Brochure
    Features: Promoting a new concept of gallery lounge boutique

  • Reactionary artwork "Salvadorian Voices"
    Style: Street Art
    Features: The silhouette is of “Rufina Amaya”, a woman who was assassinated after giving a conference in Canada about current political issues and riots in Salvador

  • Political artwork "Karma"
    Style: Flyer
    Features: Juxtaposition of 9/11 events - USA vs Chile